Hanoi Cafe Collection

I think of my oasis; an abundant rose arch that stretches into a tunnel, down a narrow path - leading to a courtyard garden. Ladies and Gentlemen, seated in their very best garbs, sip on their morning coffee appearing as to slow down time and enjoy the moment just lived. A peaceful fountain sound draws you nearer to the center - surrounded by vibrant and lush tropical flora. The whispers of the Butterflies twirl you around as you catch a glimpse of the gleaming sunlight from the sunrise, like star dust, creeping through the palms. A wooden swing sits near the edge of the courtyard, underneath a lush tree.  As you swing,

overlooking a seaside beach front - swoosh - Faint laughter from the innocence of the Children pour over the wind - like a breath of fresh air - "ahhhhh" - the energy of that love is most powerful and the imagination - unbeatable. The tropical fauna flutter their wings high above you as they sing mirages. 

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  Hanoi Cafe Fashion Collection