For the Sake of "Dad Style" in the wild.

For the Sake of "Dad Style" in the wild.

Spotted in the Wild: Which Type of Dad is Yours?

Father's Day is just around the corner, and we've got the perfect gifts for every type of dad! From the eco-warrior to the laid-back legend, we've got just the right picks to celebrate your unique hero.


The Eco-Warrior Dad 🌍

Spotted: Biking to the farmer's market with reusable bags in tow.

Featured Picks:

  1. Butterflies & Bees Print Unisex Button Down Shirt - Soft, breathable, and a timeless charm.
  2. Guided Divinely 777 Angel Number Organic cotton dad hat - Stylish and functional for all his eco-adventures. Made with 100% organic cotton.
  3. 222 In Perfect Balance Unisex Essential Eco Hoodie - Cool and conscious, just like him.
  4. Exquisite Floral Print Men's swim trunks - Where vibrant botanics meet vintage-inspired style.

    The Adventure-Seeker Dad 🏞️

    Spotted: Hiking up mountains or kayaking down rivers, always on the move.

    Featured Picks:

    1. Guided Divinely Organic Cotton dad hat - Perfect for his next great adventure. 
    2. 111 Lucky Number Unisex organic cotton spiritual t-shirt - Versatile for all terrains. 
    3. Tropical Rhino Unisex button down t-shirt - Keeps him cool in a unique style.
    4. Chaos Theory Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt - The Perfect go-to shirt to seek new heights.

      The Chill Dad 🍃

      Spotted: Relaxing in the backyard hammock with a book and a cold drink.

      Featured Picks:

      1. 555 Higher Purpose Unisex Essential Eco Hoodie - Ultimate comfort for lazy days.
      2. Familiar Aliens Unisex organic cotton t-shirt - Playful and humorous to spark a laid-back chat.
      3. Blue and Green Alien print Men's swim trunks - Ultimate comfort to stay cool relaxing by the pool.
      4. PTO 100% Organic Cotton Dad Hat - A sweet reminder to take time off.

        The Dapper Dad 👔

        Spotted: Having a refined brunch at a trendy bistro.

        Featured Picks:

        1. Medusa's Sea Medallion Unisex button down mint green shirt - Adds a touch of eco-chic to any outfit. 
        2. Botanical Bliss Print Unisex Button Down Shirt - Sharp and sustainable with a whimsical charm.
        3. Sea Flower Neon Blue Men's Swim Trunks - Perfect for brunch at the beach.
        4. Origami Bird Geometric Pink Unisex Button-Down Shirt - Trendy style with a comfy fit.

          The Sports Dad 🏅

          Spotted: Coaching the kids' soccer team or catching the game on TV.

          Featured Picks:

          1. Reflection of Self, Man on the Moon Unisex Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Keeps him cool and comfortable during workouts. Made with 100% organic cotton. 
          2. Color-Blocked Chaos Theory Joggers - Perfect for workouts or lounging.
          3. Higher Purpose Snapback Hat - Top off his look while keeping the sun at bay.
          4. Blue Alien Men's swim trunks - Durable and comfy for a beach day.

            The Hipster Dad 🧔

            Spotted: Sipping craft coffee while vinyl records play in the background.

            Featured Picks:

            1. Coffee Closed-back Funny Trucker Cap - Trendy statement.
            2. Patchwork Up-cycled Textile Pants - A whimsical and sentimental design, ready for any music fest or lounging around. 
            3. 555 Lucky Number Unisex organic cotton spiritual t-shirt - Cool and conscious, just like him.
            4. Llama Llama Unisex button down color-blocked t-shirt - Adds a retro vibe to his wardrobe.

              The Rad Dad 🤘

              Spotted: Riding a skateboard or playing the electric guitar in the garage.

              Featured Picks:

              1. Texas Dawg Funny Trucker Cap - Bold designs that stand out.
              2. Bull Denim Up-worked Short - Style and sustainability with functionality.
              3. Blue Heart Eternal Love Snake Back Graphic Print Unisex essential eco mystical hoodie - Comfy, sustainable, and perfect to dress up or down.
              4.  + MANY MOODS! Snapback Hat - For all his rad adventures.

                The Euro Dad 🇪🇺

                Spotted: Enjoying a leisurely bike ride through the city or sipping espresso at a sidewalk café.

                Featured Picks:

                1. OPA! Organic Cotton Dad Hat - European expression meets eco-consciousness.
                2. Medusa's Sea Medallion Unisex button down white shirt - Elegant and comfy for a timeless staple.
                3. "You Don't Mess With A Masterpiece." Sweatshirt - Classic and comfortable for any occasion.
                4. Thinking Cap Organic Cotton dad hat - Showcase your intellectual curiosity.

                  The Grandad Dad 👴

                  Spotted: Sharing stories and wisdom over a cup of tea or at family gatherings.

                  Featured Picks:


                  1. Exquisite Floral Unisex button down shirt - An update to his timeless pieces.
                  2. Origami Bird Geometric Diamonds Unisex Button-Down Shirt - A touch of sophistication.
                  3. Birds of Paradise White Print Unisex Button Down Shirt - Comfort and playful style for every step.
                  4. 777 Lucky Number Unisex organic cotton spiritual t-shirt - His new favorite lucky tee!


                  The Galactic Geek Dad 🌌

                  Spotted: Watching the latest sci-fi series, stargazing or reading about ancient civilizations.

                  Featured Picks:

                  1. Lost Art Blue Alien Trucker Cap - For the appreciation of art and mystical creatures.
                  2. Alien and Flowers Blue Unisex button down t-shirt - Fun and quirky, just like him.
                  3. Ancient Lost Art Alien Unisex organic cotton t-shirt - Cozy for those long movie marathons.
                  4. Purple Alien I thought you looked familiar Organic Cotton Dad Hat - For the starry-eyed dreamer.
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