Formula S7 Customs & Alterations Black E-Gift Card

Formula S7 Customs & Alterations Black E-Gift Card

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Give the ultimate gift of an experience with our Customs & Alterations E-Gift Card! If you're looking for something truly special, look no further. With this E-Gift Card, you are gifting someone the experience of what it's like to have a custom clothing or accessory item made perfectly to fit their measurements. Give them their Cinderella moment! Need I say more? 

Perhaps, you or your loved one already has a clothing item, but just needs it to fit perfectly? The lower price points of the E-Gift Card will cover the alterations. Maybe, you or your loved one has a precious heirloom accessory, but they need it fixed up? We've got you covered with that too!

If you are looking for something in-between, the mid price point range will cover Up-Cycling! This is perfect for anyone who has a clothing or accessory item that they absolutely love the fabric or details of, but they want to make it into something new instead of discarding it. We can get creative - think a dress turned into a shirt and skirt set, or a tee turned into a pillow, maybe even a skirt turned into a doggie bandana or a leather jacket turned into a purse! The sky is the limit when you give the gift of our Customs & Alterations E-Gift Card. 


Examples of what the price points can get you: 

  1. $35: Custom and Alterations Soft Accessories: custom doggie bandannas, scrunchies
  2. $50: Alterations and Up-Cycling: adding and removing details 
  3. $100: Up-Cycling and Custom: shirts, pants, skirts 
  4. $150: Up-Cycling and Custom: shirts, skirts, handbags, pants
  5. $200: Custom: mini dresses, small leather handbags, corsets, shirts, longer or fuller skirts
  6. $300: Custom: more intricate and longer dresses, jackets and coats, large leather handbags
  7. $500: Custom: most intricate dresses, jackets and coats, leather goods

Time Frame: Never expires.

Disclaimer: Items that can be made with each amount vary based on cost of materials and intricacy of design.